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BOISE, ID – Perpetua Resources Corp. (formerly Midas Gold Corp.) (Nasdaq: PPTA / TSX: PPTA) today announced the results of its annual general meeting (the “AGM”), which was held online through a virtual meeting platform on April 16, 2021.

A total of 34,386,731 common shares were represented at the AGM, or 72.30% of the votes attached to all outstanding shares at the Company’s record date of March 1, 2021.  The Company’s shareholders voted in favor of the election of all director nominees listed in the Company’s management information proxy circular.  Detailed results of the vote for the election of directors are as follows:

Name of NomineeVotes
Percentage of
Votes For*
Percentage of
Votes Withheld*
Marcelo Kim31,088,758352,47431,441,23298.88%1.12%
Chris Papagianis31,360,34280,89031,441,23299.74%0.26%
Laurel Sayer31,361,10680,12631,441,23299.75%0.25%
Jeff Malmen31,362,36778,86531,441,23299.75%0.25%
Chris Robison31,363,39277,84031,441,23299.75%0.25%
Bob Dean31,362,39878,83431,441,23299.75%0.25%
David Deisley31,359,98281,25031,441,23299.74%0.26%
Alex Sternhell31,358,48682,74631,441,23299.74%0.26%

* Not all shares were voted in respect of all resolutions therefore the combined number of shares voted for or withheld (and corresponding percentages) may not add up to the total shares represented at the AGM.

The directors were elected to hold offices until the next annual meeting of shareholders or until their successors are elected or appointed.   

The Company’s shareholders also approved the appointment of Deloitte LLP, Chartered Accountants, as the auditors of the Company for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2021 (99.90% voted in favor).

The Company’s shareholders also approved the adoption of a new omnibus equity incentive plan (98.32% voted in favor).

Detailed voting results for the meeting are available on SEDAR at

Jessica Largent
Vice President Investor Relations and Finance

Mckinsey Lyon
Vice President External Affairs


About Perpetua Resources and the Stibnite Gold Project
Perpetua Resources Corp., through its wholly owned subsidiaries, is focused on the exploration, site restoration and redevelopment of gold-antimony-silver deposits in the Stibnite-Yellow Pine district of central Idaho that are encompassed by the Stibnite Gold Project. The Project is one of the highest-grade, open pit gold deposits in the United States and is designed to apply a modern, responsible mining approach to restore an abandoned mine site and produce both gold and the only mined source of antimony in the United States. Antimony is a federally designated critical mineral for its use in the national defense, aerospace and technology sectors. In addition to the company’s commitments to transparency, accountability, environmental stewardship, safety and community engagement, Perpetua Resources adopted formal ESG commitments which can be found here.

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