2019 Good Governance

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Responsible Mining

Perpetua Resources worked with lawmakers to protect Idaho’s lands by strengthening financial assurance laws.


Training Session

Employees and directors of the Company are all participate in a yearly training session on our corporate policies


In order to earn the trust of our neighbors, we are transparent about our plans, goals and daily operations.


Perpetua Resources’ employees, directors and consultants are required to adhere to a strong set of corporate policies to ensure best practices in every aspect of the Company’s business. Employees and directors of the Company are required to participate in a yearly training session on the policies and provide sign of that they have read, understand and agree to abide by the policies of Perpetua Resources. Please click here to read the Perpetua Resources Policies.

Perpetua Resources Idaho takes its responsibilities for good governance and environmental protection seriously, and recently strongly supported an Idaho mining industry led effort to modernize Idaho’s financial assurance regulations, which effort let to new legislation being passed in early 2019 and regulations currently in process of being established. This updated legislation will result in significantly enhanced approaches to financial assurance to ensure mine sites are fully restored no matter what the outcome. This initiative increases costs and burden to the industry, but Perpetua Resources is committed to the initiative and believe it is the right thing to do.

Perpetua Resources Corp. has a majority of independent local directors that include a former mayor of McCall, county commissioners, and leading citizens. Our bios of subsidiary directors demonstrates our transparency and accountability to the local communities. 

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